Las Vegas – Construction Jobs Galore

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Las Vegas was founded on innovation and new beginnings. Now, more than 100 years later, the city has only strengthened its commitment to the early fundamentals it was built upon.

Whether it’s the latest casino, a chic new condominium high-rise, additional housing or more business complexes, the Las Vegas Valley is constantly growing and changing. And with Las Vegas supporting about 1.8 million residents according to the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority in 2005, change is good.

Gaining exposure for its novelty and thriving from supplying tourists, residents and investors with the latest and greatest, it seems Las Vegas’ only constant – is change itself. And with the city’s predictability for change comes unique job security for construction professionals.

In fact, there are currently more than 4,000 construction job openings in Las Vegas, which means when one job ends, there is always another job that needs to be filled. Additionally, more than $24 billion in construction is planned for Las Vegas Boulevard over the next five years, with project City Center alone opening up more than 7,000 construction jobs ranging from entry level to senior level positions. And because construction professionals are in high demand in Las Vegas, wages are well above the national average – some being the highest in the country.

However, construction professionals aren’t the only people finding jobs in Southern Nevada. With Southern Nevada’s unemployment rate one of the lowest in the country, spouses and family members of construction professionals have a smorgasbord of employment opportunities open to them as well.

Much of Las Vegas’ substantial growth has been in the last decade-plus, making Nevada the country’s fastest growing state for nearly 20 years. To keep up with its booming population, the city has expanded its horizons to meet the needs no longer just of tourists, but those of families wanting to turn Las Vegas into their home.

Because of this, affordable housing for all budgets is available throughout the valley. Additionally, several master planned communities have been built over the last few years in not just Las Vegas, but in all areas of the valley, including Summerlin, Anthem, Green Valley and Southern Highlands. These areas provide residents with quality schools, parks, recreational activities and stores that create the ideal place to raise a family.

Las Vegas also has multiple opportunities for education advancement. With the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the Community College of Southern Nevada, Nevada State College, Regis University-Las Vegas and Touro University-Nevada all within the valley, there is something to fit anyone’s higher education needs.

And with the establishment of the Nevada Cancer Institute, Medical Education & Research Institute of Nevada, Keep Memory Alive and multiple hospitals, Nevada is making a name for itself as a premier medical region serving Nevada residents with the highest quality of health care as well.

However, while Las Vegas has evolved to offer much more than gaming, which is keeping the economy going strong, the city is still staying true its nickname as The Entertainment Capital of the World. Las Vegas’ locals always have something new and different to do for fun.

Las Vegas offers multiple concerts and shows, anywhere from comedy, to magic, to musical, to acrobatic; nightclubs offering all kinds of music; and shops and stores to serve all tastes. For meals, the city’s hundreds of restaurants cook to serve all palettes, many employing world-class chefs and offering views of the Strip.


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